Mrs. Johnson


This will be my second year teaching K-12 art here at Oasis Academy, and I’m very excited to introduce your children to all the great artists and techniques we will be working on this year! I have a Bachelor of Art in Art from the University of Nevada Reno and have taught and worked in schools for 7 years. In my free time I like to read, travel, and go on outdoor adventures with my family.


Mrs. Barton


I’ve been so lucky to be the music teacher at Oasis since its inception. I have been teaching voice and music classes to children for over 20 years and I feel so fortunate to spend my days immersed in two of my greatest loves-music and kids! When I am not singing and dancing, I love spending time with my husband Brad and my two boys (who I sometimes make sing and dance with me!). I love to explore nature (especially if waterfalls are involved), watch anything on BBC and cook. I almost forgot to say eat!! My very favorite pastime is eating!


“Without music life would be a mistake”

~ Nietzsche


Words of Wisdom

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad. ~ Theodore Roosevelt