No Fuss Fundraiser

Raising Money for our Kiddos

The No Fuss Fundraiser is held by the Friends of Oasis Academy, Inc. Many parents have expressed concern over the selling of products in order to raise money to support programs. Families are tired of selling wrapping paper, cookie dough, magazines, etc. and would like to avoid pressure to stretch orders to reach a prize level. Direct contribution fundraisers allow 100% of the funds we receive to benefit the students at Oasis Academy. This method of fundraising is only successful if parents contribute generously and we hope you will! Donations of $500 or more will be recognized!

Our goal for the fundraiser is a minimum of $100 per student. Over the years these fundraising efforts have helped with the purchase of computers, interactive white boards, and playground costs.

While it sounds like a substantial amount of money, it is important to put things into perspective. How much does one semester of dance class cost? How much is football? Pre-school? Piano? In actuality, it is a small price to pay for a year.

The FOA board will not be asking for any other small donations this year for teacher birthdays or teacher appreciation (those programs will be funded through the SCRIP program), with the exception of Christmas, at which time all families will be asked to make a voluntary $5 dollar donation toward one class gift. The No Fuss Fundraiser is the only time (with the exception of Christmas) that you will be asked to donate any money by Friends of Oasis Academy. Please note that individual school approved extracurricular groups will be fundraising.


Raising Money

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