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Welcome to week 1 of Kindergarten

August 20, 2019 by Lauren Kelly

 I hope all your kiddos came home saying they had as great of a first day as I did. It really was a good day of exploring our school, learning the expectations and routines for the bathroom, cafeteria, hallway, and the playground. Lots of new areas in our classroom for the students to explore and learn about too. This entire week, we will be working on exploring and knowing how to use all areas of our classroom and school appropriately; the quicker the students independently understand all these areas the smoother our school year will go. 🙂

  This week in language arts we will be reading lots of fun read aloud books about characters going to school. We will introduce students to the 3 ways to read a book, which are ‘Read the Pictures,’ Read the Words,’ and ‘Retell the Story.’ For the next 4 weeks we will be working on ‘Reading the Pictures.’ This is something you can practice each night when reading with your kids. We will also be introducing students to our ZooPhonics sound chants. We teach phonemic awareness and letters differently then most of us learned how to in kindergarten. So here is a hyperlinks for the reasoning of how we teach ZooPhonics to students and the letter chants for each letter.

*It would be helpful for all parents to click on the 2nd hyperlink and print out the ZooPhonics chants. Practicing the Zoophonics nightly is a great way to complete the 10 minutes of ELA homework. 

**It is our kindergarten team goal for all students to know all 26 letter sounds in random order within the first, six weeks of kindergarten. We will be exploring 3 to 4 letters a week starting next week.

For math this week we will be exploring many of the manipulative tools we will be using to learn the kindergarten math standards. This week students will learn the purpose of using unifix cubes, dice, playdough, and counters in math. We will be reading many math books that do simple counting and we will ask students to be able to represent numbers 0-5 with the manipulatives or their fingers.

To Do List:  

  • School PaperworkThere is several required school papers that ALL parents must fill and return ASAP. Please check the front pocket of your child’s folder for it. Additionally, you need to sign the handbook signature page, which I believe is the 2nd to last page.  
  • Snack: Please pack your child’s snack separate from their lunch. Put their snack in the front pocket of their backpack. This will make your child’s morning routine when they come in after the bell easier. Plus it helps us as the adults know what is supposed to be snack and what is supposed to be part of their lunch.
  • Water BottlesPlease make sure your child’s name is on their re-usable water bottles. Also, please make sure it is filled with water before they come to school.

I think that is all for now. Again, don’t hesitate to email me or contact me through Class Dojo. 🙂


Ms. Kelly