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Welcome to the Second Quarter in Second Grade

October 19, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

October 21, 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to week 10 and the first week of the second quarter. It’s hard to believe how fast this school year is going.

As mentioned last week, with the new quarter Miss Garcia and Mrs. Wiessmer’s class will have Kibo for specials and Mrs. Bloomfield’s class will have Mr. Lenon.

Also, Monday, October 21st will be picture retake or make up day. If your child was absent on picture day last month or you didn’t like your child’s picture, Life Touch will be here for pictures. Remember students are to wear their uniform for picture day and all students need to have their picture taken for their student identification card and for the yearbook.

Last week in math students worked on adding within 100 and 1,000 with renaming. Students have worked hard on this skill and we will continue to work on it but, this week we are going to make a switch and work on fractions for the next two weeks. Students will be working on recognizing and naming the fractions of a whole. Students will focus on one half, one third, and one fourth. They will work on writing and comparing fractions.

Second graders are learning about adjectives. Students started using their Chromebooks to create a document that will include a picture that each student will select. They will then create an adjective triangle describing their picture. These should be completed this week. On Wednesday we will assess on adjectives and begin working on adverbs on Thursday.

The second graders have finished their opinion pieces on their favorite candy, just in time for Halloween. This will be on a bulletin board this week. Last week students listened to the story, I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll. They then designed their own monster and wrote a summary of the story. We will be finishing our final drafts this week and move onto writing narratives.

Students continue to work on the concept of matter. Last week students learned how molecules “act” in solids, liquids, and gases. This week student scientist will embark in a “matter mystery”. They will be testing 4 different solids to determine their properties. They will use that information the following week to solve the “matter mystery”.

Wishing everyone a fabulous week!

Mrs. Bloomfield, Miss Garcia, and Mrs. Wiessmer