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Welcome Back! Week 7

January 8, 2019 by Julie Stockard

Welcome to 2019 for high school English families! To kick off the new year, we watched a TED talk about choosing a 30 day challenge for ourselves. All students are choosing something they want to add into their lives or subtract from their lives for 30 days. Students who want to earn extra credit for this can turn in a contract as discussed in class by 1/10 and a reflection when the challenge is up on 2/11. Students have been excited to find ways they can improve their lives by making small, sustainable changes. Ask your student what his or her challenge is. We have kids doing everything from improving strength with pull-ups to drawing a picture every day to improve art skills.

All students will have an English final in class Tuesday 1/15. They have a study list and materials to help them prepare. This is 20% of their semester grade.

Ninth graders are starting research on a college for a research paper. They may ask your thoughts and opinions on college based on what we discuss in class.