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Welcome Back Bighorns! 12/2/19

December 2, 2019 by Jill Rosario

**This Thursday is the last day to donate to the Student Council PJ Drive! PLEASE consider donating a new pair of PJ’s for local children in need.

***The DEADLINE for all retakes and make-up work is Dec. 19th – 11 school days! Please check IC so you don’t have any surprises come report card time!

8th Grade Caroling Wednesday, December 18th.

Spelling Bee is this Thursday, December 5th at 1:30pm!

7th Math: Semester Final – Tuesday, Dec. 17; MAPS testing Wednesday, Dec. 18; Gingerbread Houses Thursdaym, Dec. 19

We’re learning about percents right now. This content will not have its own test; it will be included on the semester final.

HW – Complete the paper practice from class if you didn’t finish it in class. This is the HW for every night this week.

8th Math: Semester Final – Wednesday, Dec. 11; MAPS testing Thursday, Dec. 12; Lemondae/Hot Cocoa Stands the week of Dec. 16

Students will learn to find distance between two points today and tomorrow, then begin practicing for the semester final and making their business plan for their lemonade stand.

HW: Monday – finish paper practice if they didn’t in class; Tues – finish paper practice if they didn’t in class; Wed & Thurs – no assigned HW…students know the practice final is the minimum preparation for the final. They can do extra practices on Pearson or work practice problems from their notes to prepare. It’s up to them how much work they want to do to prepare for the final!

8th Projects: We began a unit on heredity today. This will take us until Christmas Break. VOCAB QUIZ AND UNIT TEST Wednesday, Dec. 18.