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Week Two – August 26-29

August 26, 2019 by Shayna Byrd

What a fantastic first week in seventh grade! We didn’t waste anytime getting right to work. I love these kids already!


A couple of things…


Scholastic- Your kids deserve to read books they love! And when children get to choose their own books, research shows that they spend significantly more time reading for fun. I will send Scholastic Book Club flyers home throughout the year to help you build your family library. To get started and order online by setting up an account @  and enter our class code: P72B4


Homework: 7th and 8th Grade Reading–>20 minutes of reading every night. Students will have a home reading log that they will fill out each night to be checked the next day-ish.  (This will not be their homework every night. There will be times that students come home with Flocabulary homework or have No Red Ink practice in lieu of reading.)



Below is a little update on what’s been happening so far…


7th grade reading- We’re getting right to work with our Daily 3 and CAFE strategies. During these first weeks we will be really honing in on our reading stamina and working with the many forms of figurative language. We will also begin our first class novel, The Girl Who Drank the Moon, by Kelly Barnhill. I’m eager to see how the class responds to this magical tale of love and family; of grief and blind loyalty; of love and forgiveness; good and evil; strength and weakness. 


7th grade writing- This week the kids are creating and writing about themselves with their “mini me” writing assignment. Each student will create a little paper person that represented who they are using pictures, words, and colors. Then they will write a paragraph explaining why they chose what they did. These will soon be posted in the hall, above our class hooks, outside of our classroom. Be sure to check them out in the coming days. 


8th grade reading- This quarter, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be dedicated to reading The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. On Mondays we will check in on current events with Flocabulary while focusing on our CAFE strategies. Then Wednesdays will be full of poetry! The class has shown really great insight with their poetry annotations and I’m excited for what this year has in store. 


8th grade writing- Students will write informatively on a topic of their choice. They will focus on the use of a strong thesis statement, transitions, and evidence to back up what they are informing the reader about. 


Science – During Projects this first semester, we will be starting with life science. Last week the class has studied the cells functions and processes through building a 3-D model of a cell. We are shutting misconceptions down left and right, I am so proud of this group of kids and their willingness to ask questions and want to learn more.