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Week Twenty-One: January 27-30

January 27, 2020 by Shayna Byrd

Good morning and Happy Monday! 


Candy Grams

February 3rd-10th: Middle School Student Council will be selling candy grams to students in 3rd – 8th grades in the cafeteria during lunch blocks (11:30-1:00). Cost is .50 each. Students and parents will need to make any candy gram purchases during lunchtime.

Middle School Valentines Day dance is Thursday, February 13th. 

We will send out an email this week with all the details you should need. Please remember, students (and their middle school aged guest) must bring a signed permission slip to the dance or sometime in the upcoming weeks. 

Last week I took the class on a quick trip to Safeway to celebrate meeting our MAPS science goal. I thought you should know that our kids were amazing. They acted like mature individuals and I was very proud of them. 

7th & 8th Reading – So, we planned on finishing up our Two Miserable Presidents book last week. However, with there only being three days, it didn’t happen. Therefore it is back on the plans to be completed this week. Both 7th and 8th will continue utilizing this book to work on their Social Studies Civil War project. We will also check in with current events in Flocabulary and hopefully by Thursday dip into author studies for The Outsiders with 7th and To Kill a Mockingbird with 8th. 

7th Writing- This week we will officially begin writing their personal narratives about a favorite mistake.  Students are asked to really hone in on using expression and reflection techniques from Kelly Gallagher’s book, Write Like This. 

8th ELA – 8th grade finished up their personal narratives last week and will take some time this week to check in on a variety of grammar skills. We will spend some time focusing on punctuation with our main focus on commas, colons, and semicolons

Social Studies Projects – Teams will continue this week on their topographical maps and informational tri-folds on the Civil War. We will also touch base back on whole class lessons on Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, reconstruction, and Ammendments 13, 14, and 15.