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Week Three – September 3-5

September 2, 2019 by Shayna Byrd

Welcome to week three! 


7th Grade Reading- Week two of reading log homework went swimmingly! Even though we no longer require a parent signature, I appreciate you still checking in with your kiddo and their reading each week.  This week we will continue using the Daily Three (Read to Self, Work on Writing, and Word Work) along with annotating our Abandoned Farmhouse poem, and beginning our novel, The Girl Who Drank the Moon.  


Writing- I am so excited to start our first writing project of the year. We will start out strong with an informative essay. We will begin tomorrow by reading through some examples of informative papers written by 7th graders, looking closely at the evidence based terms and how well they stuck to the facts. Next we will move into developing thesis statements of our own using the six writing traits.  


8th Grade Reading- This week we will continue our class novel, Lord of the Flies. Last week the class participated in a survival discussion that began with the question, “What makes a good leader?” The conversations and debates that followed were exactly what I expected from this group… amazing! They finished up the week where they had to imagine that they did indeed crash-­‐land on an island and write a short speech explaining why they should or should not be considered for the position of leader. The reasons and explanations the survivors came up with ranged from hilarious to quite persuasive. 


Science- This week we are continuing on with cells. The kids have done an excellent job with asking questions and making connections. Last week we had Mr. Kelly come teach us a lesson with the virtual reality glasses where the kids got to “take a trip” into a cell. This week’s blocks will be filled with creating our cell replicas. The builds are really starting to move along! Thank you so much for helping provide the teams with supplies! The kids are coming up with some really great models that represent animal and plant cells.