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Week Six September 23-26

September 22, 2019 by Shayna Byrd



A couple reminders…

 Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY! There are two payment options…packet or online. 


We sent home picture order packets last week, so be sure to either fill that out then enclose your payment to send back to school with your kiddo on Monday. 


Or place one order for all of your students and pay online at – Our Oasis Picture Day ID is CR809421Q0.  


Future Fest Gift Cards – I’ve already received quite a few but please keep them coming! If you have any questions, please refer to our emails or let me know and I can fill you in. =) 


7th & 8th Reading – 

We are continuing with our weekly check in on world events every Monday with Flocabulary. The kids sure are working hard to hone in on those annotation skills and bringing them to our class discussions. Having a chance to break down the information on their own to write down questions, connections, and ideas has really helped with our whole group habits of discussion. The class novels have also been going well. The 7th graders are all the way through chapter 13 and are starting to get into some of the story’s rising action and conflicts. Lord of the Flies with our 8th graders also has been diving deep into some serious friction as the boys on the island are finding themselves having to deal with the transition from civil to savage. 


7th & 8th Writing- 

Both classes are working on their own version on character analysis. Our 7th grade students have taken a character from The Girl Who Drank the Moon and are in the process of using text evidence to support their chosen traits. The 8th grade class has a similar project based on how the boys from the Lord of the Flies novel have changed from civilized to savage. They are to explain how this change happens by discussing three events which illustrate this journey. 


Science- This week the teams will take what they have researched and learned about their body system to design and construct a life sized poster of a human body. They completed their blueprints last Thursday and I am excited to see the follow through into the actual build. I love how this group thrives to go beyond the simple and really push themselves to be creative and think outside the box.