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Week Seventeen – December 16-19

December 15, 2019 by Shayna Byrd

We’re nearly there, to a winter break and to a Happy New Year!

Don’t forget, we will be exchanging gifts, feasting and watching Elf on Thursday, along with educational reading and writing activities of course! Therefore, if your 7th grader would like to bring in a pillow or blanket to wrap up in during our movie and reading , that would be awesome. As a reminder, Oasis students are allowed to wear anything “HOLIDAY.”  Think ugly sweaters, Christmas shirts, red, green, gold, anything that makes you think HOLIDAY FUN! No pajamas and dress code shoes please. 

If your student would like to bring in a treat on Thursday, please feel free! I’ve set up a signup genius link:

 Thank you in advance! 

Reading & ELA – During our reading blocks we are working hard to get a solid start on our Two Miserable Presidents novel. The 7th grade class is catching up and will read three chapters this week focusing on the irreparable differences between the north and south. Our 8th graders on the other hand will complete their reading and language arts MAPS assessments on Tuesday & Wednesday

The 7th grade writers are working hard on finishing up their argumentative essays this week. I love seeing how focused they have been in making sure they have all they ingredients of a solid paper.

Science- This week we are finishing up our heredity unit before break. The class has been doing very well with asking clarifying questions and working hard on their monsters. Using Punnett squares the class has been reinforcing their understanding of probability, traits, dominant and recessive alleles.