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Week of 9/23-9/26

September 22, 2019 by Victoria Ponessa

Greetings Families!

Tomorrow, September 23rd, is picture day for grades 5-10. Be sure to bring your package envelopes. Dress up in Pajamas on Thursday, Sept. 26th. Donations go to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. 

The week ahead…

5th Grade Math: This week we will continue practicing the standard algorithm for multiplication. We will begin to investigate 2-digit division. We have planned  a review day for Thursday,  to consolidate and review these new concepts. 

6th Grade Math: Chapter 1 Tests will be returned tomorrow. Students were able to earn extra points on word problems. There were five word problems worth four points each, we expected students to get two of the five correct. This week we will continue multiplying and dividing fractions. Specifically, we will investigate multiplying fractions by mixed numbers and dividing fractions by whole numbers and vice versa. 

6th Grade Projects: This week in projects we will investigate how scientists use fossils, how the water cycle works, as well as how streams can cause erosion and deposition. On Wednesday, we will have a guest speaker from the Churchill County Museum, who will get to expand upon concepts we have learned about and speak specifically about the fossils and rocks found in our local community. Our next project will be explained and assigned tomorrow. It will be due on October 24th. 

As always, please email me with any questions or concerns! 

Mrs. Ponessa