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Week of 3/30-4/2 Distance Learning Week 2

March 29, 2020 by Victoria Ponessa

Hello 5th and 6th grade families,

The first two days of distance learning were very successful. I had great attendance from both classes and hope that the students are getting more comfortable with this new experience. Thank you for helping out and setting your student up for success.

Now that we are underway, students should check their gmail everyday. The students have daily exit tickets to complete. This helps us track accountability and attendance. If your student is missing an exit ticket, or needs to make a correction to their work, they will have a message in their gmail inbox. Additionally, google classroom is our main mode of communication. On google classroom, I post the link to the live session (about five minutes prior to the session), a daily agenda with tasks to work on, exit ticket assignments, and my recorded sessions. We are also utilizing a chat room, via the @chat app with google. Conversations are monitored and it is a spot for questions and clarification.

My best advice for students when they sign on is to first check their gmail, next, check the chat, and then head to their google classroom to be ready for the session.

My online teaching schedule goes as follows:

9:00-9:45 5th Grade Math

10:15-11:00 6th Grade Math

1:00-1:45- 6th Grade Projects

The biggest thing is that students make an effort to join as many live sessions as possible and complete the tasks assigned. You should only expect a phone call from me or Ms. Hyde if your student misses a live session. Please email me if you have any questions

Looking forward to the week ahead!

Mrs. Ponessa