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Week of 3/23-3/26 Distance Learning Week 1

March 22, 2020 by Victoria Ponessa

Hello Families! First and foremost, I hope everyone is healthy and doing well despite the new circumstances we are under. Secondly, thank you all for being so great about coming to the school and picking up the necessary items. The staff is getting trained tomorrow Monday, March 23rd, on our digital components, so that we can use the sources we have to their full capacity. On Tuesday, after I have more detailed information, I will be sending out the schedule and other important information, so please check your email. I will also post the same content from the email to a new blog post. On Wednesday, March, 25th, we will being our online distance learning. Students will be utilizing their chromebooks and packets and we will work out the kinks in our new normal.

Just a few things to get you by until Tuesday…

Chromebooks: The chromebooks from our classroom were given out randomly, so don’t panic if the chromebook displays a different classmate’s name. Simply choose add user and login normally.

Online Learning: If you have wifi, please join in on the online sessions and posts, more details to come. We will be using Google Hangouts and Google classroom to communicate for online learning. If you are not able to do online learning, please follow Ms. Hyde’s weekly overview, for math and projects, please complete one page a day.


6th grade: Your envelopes include materials for reading , writing, projects and math. For Ms. Hyde’s assignments, you should have three scholastic news articles, an overview sheet for each week, three grammar packets labeled by week, the novel Iqbal with an accompanying glossary. For math, you have a stapled packet, which should look familar to the one we were doing in small groups. For projects, you have a packet with articles on the Middle Ages, just like the ones we were doing before break. Ms. Hyde and I will help explain the materials better during our first live session. In the meantime you can email us both about materials: and

5th grade: Your envelopes include materials for reading, writing, and math. For math, you have one stapled packet, similar to the one we have been doing during small groups. For reading and writing, you have assignment overviews for three weeks, grammar packets, two novels, Hatchet and George Washington, which has a companion packet, and three scholastic news articles. Ms. Hyde and I will help explain the materials better during our first live session. In the meantime you can email us both about materials: and

Communication: Please check your email, the blog, and the school’s Facebook page. We are required to make contact with our families throughout the week. More information to come on this, but we will be calling home to check in on how you and your student are doing.

I hope to have addressed some preliminary concerns as we head into this new realm of learning. Please continue to check your email and know that more information is on the way!

Thank you,

Mrs. Ponessa