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Week of 3/2-3/5

March 1, 2020 by Victoria Ponessa

Hello Familes,

Thank you to those who had the opportunity to pop in on Friday for student-led conferences. If you were unable to make it, please let me know of date and time after school that works for you and your student.

The week ahead in 5th grade math: On Monday, we will review our Unit 7 concepts and prepare for our Unit 7 test on Tuesday, March 3rd. The students began working on a practice test and it is advised that they look over those questions and create problems for themselves to solve. The second half of the week we will move into Unit 8, in which we will continue to multiply and divide decimals now that we have the building blocks for success.

The week ahead in 6th grade math: On Monday, we will take a look at reflecting points on a coordinate plane, as well as review our Chapter 10 concepts. On Tuesday, March 3rd, we will have our Chapter 10 test on coordinate planes. We will continue the week jumping into Chapter 11, which is a geometry chapter. We will explore area of parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids throughout the chapter.

The week ahead in 6th grade projects: We will learn about our last ancient civilization, Rome, as well as prepare for our end of unit presentations. We will have a vocabulary quiz on Wednesday, March 4th. Here is the link to the quizlet with unit vocabulary: We will have our museum exhibit presentations, on Thursday, March 5th, in the cafeteria, We hope to begin around 2:50pm, and will wrap up around 3:40pm. There will be exhibits for the following civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Greece, India, China, and Rome.

Upcoming Events/School Info.

Tuesday 3/3- 5th Grade Unit 7 Test, 6th Grade Chapter 10 Test

Wednesday 3/4- 6th Grade Projects Vocabulary Quiz

Thursday 3/5- 5th and 6th Grade Do Now Quiz

Thursday 3/5- 6th Grade Projects Presentations, 2:50-3:40, in the cafeteria

March 16th- March 19th– Spring Break

Looking forward to a great week ahead! As always, please email me with any questions or concerns,

Mrs. Ponessa