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Week of 2/3- 2/6

February 2, 2020 by Victoria Ponessa

Hello Families,

We are entering our second month of the new year, time just keeps flying! Please continue to check Infinite Campus for grades and missing assignments. I try to get these updated once a week and students are encouraged to check as well.

The week ahead in 5th grade math: We just finished up Unit 6 on ratios and will be moving into Unit 7 to begin our journey with decimals. We will investigate decimal place value, compare and order decimals, write decimals as fractions, and round decimals. Students should be able to apply their understanding of whole numbers to decimals in regards to place value, comparing and rounding. Here are some helpful links:

The week ahead in 6th grade math: We are continuing to build upon our pre-algebra skills. This week we will investigate whether a given number makes an inequality true, begin graphing inequalities, review concepts and apply our understanding to complex word problems. We are nearing the end of Chapter 9 and will have our test next week. Here is a helpful link for this week’s content:

The week ahead in 6th grade projects: We just concluded our first unit in Social Studies: Early Humans. The students wrote narratives to reflect a particular stage of early human, as well as created cave art to match their stories. We were joined by parents, and Mrs. Garcia’s second grade class. Thank you to all those who were able to stop in! The students had a great time working on this and it showed. Please check out the photos below.

This week we will begin our second unit: Ancient Civilizations. The students will learn about 7 different ancient civilizations. For their project they will choose a civilization and will play the role of museum curators and create an exhibit to teach others about the culture of their ancient civilization. More project details to come.

Upcoming Dates/ Events:

2/3-2/12- Candy Gram Sales Location: cafeteria, $0.50.

2/6– 5th and 6th grade Do Now Quiz

Looking forward to the week ahead! Please email me with any questions or concerns at

Mrs. Ponessa