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Week of 12/2-12/5

December 1, 2019 by Victoria Ponessa

Hello Families!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed the time off. We are heading into December and will have three weeks of instruction before our winter recess. The semester ends the week we return from break. Dates are provided below.

The week ahead in 5th grade math: We will continue to work on operations with fractions, specifically division. The students will apply their understanding of fraction operations within word problems.

The week ahead in 6th grade math: We just finished up Chapter 5, ratios, and the students will recieve their graded tests back on Monday. We will be moving into Chapter 6, rates. This week we will investigate finding averages, unit rates, and rate problems involving speed.

The week ahead in 6th grade projects: This week will be wrapping up Unit 3. We will start the week off with review as students continue to finish their projects. We will have our Unit 3 test this Tuesday, 12/3. Unit 3 projects will be presented this Wednesday, 12/4 at 2:50, parents and families are invited to watch our weather teams present their expertise! We will take our Winter Science MAP assessment this Thursday, 12/5. There is no preparation needed, this normative, benchmark test helps to provide data for our school and grade level.

Please continue to check Infinite Campus and your child’s binder for updates on grading and assignments. Students are encouraged to check as well. The first semester and gradebook will come to a close on January 9th. I highly encourage students to be caught up on missing assignments before we head into winter break. I have been providing missing assignment reports for students this past month and will continue to do so. Students come to study hall to catch up and can catch up at home as well. As always, any questions you have please email me or send a note.

Upcoming Dates/ School Info.

12/3: 6th grade Unit 3 Projects Test.

12/4: 6th grade Unit 3 Projects Presentations, 2:50, room 10.

12/4: Choir Christmas Concert, 7:00pm, Convention Center

12/5: 6th grade Science MAP assessment.

12/5: Spelling Bee, 1:30, cafeteria.

12/9: 5th and 6th Math MAP assessment.

12/12: 5th and 6th grade Do Now Quiz.

12/21-1/6: Winter Recess

1/9: Semester 1 Ends

Pajama Drive: High school and middle school student councils will be participating in the Scholastic Pajama Drive again this year. We will collect new pajamas for children in need in our area. The tags should be on. We need all sizes (infant to teens). The  drive will run from November 12-December 6. Donations can be dropped off in Mrs. O’Flaherty’s room. Our goal for this year is 150 sets of pajamas! Let’s do it!  If you have any questions please email Mrs. O’Flaherty. Thank you so much for all of your support! 

Looking forward to a great week back!

Mrs. Ponessa