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Week of 11/4-11/7

November 3, 2019 by Victoria Ponessa

Hello Families!

Thank you for all those who helped contribute to our Halloween Party on Thursday! We had a great time painting pumpkins and enjoying some festive snacks!

This week in 5th Grade Math: We will continue to practice our skills with adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. We will start the week with a review and move into solving word problems involving fractions, followed by more review for our Unit 3 Test on Thursday, Nov. 7th. Students will need to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa, show understanding of simplifying and finding equivalent fractions. Additionally, students will need to show mastery with adding and subtracting unlike fractions and mixed numbers, as well as multiply whole numbers by fractions and mixed numbers. They will recieve a study guide homework this week.

This week in 6th Grade Math: Believe it or not we just started Chapter 4 and it is already over! This chapter only covered a few skills, so we will take our Chapter 4 Test on Wednesday, Nov. 6th. We will start the week looking at absolute values of numbers, and review the concepts we have explored within this chapter. Students will need to apply their understanding of positive and negative integers to real-world scenarios, plot integers on a numberline, as well as find the absolute value of integers and compare. The students will recieve a study guide homework this week.

This week in 6th Grade Projects: We began Unit 3 last week and will continue to explore concepts about climate and weather. This week we will revisit fronts, explore air pressure and density, investigate tools that are used to measure weather, as well as learn how weather predictions are made. In addition to this, the students will recieve the rubric for their next project and begin their research this week. The driving question for our Unit 3 project is: What factors interact and influence weather? The task will involve researching the climate and factors that influnce weather in a specific region of the United States. Students will gather information about the climate and other factors that impact that region. Students will use Google Slides to create a weather forecast and will develop a skit with their partner to present as if they were meterologists. Click here to see the full rubric —> .

Upcoming Events:

11/4: Book Fair. Our class will be going at 1:35pm.

11/6: 6th Grade Math Test Chapter 4

11/7: Do Now Math Quizzes (5th & 6th)

11/7: 5th Grade Math Test Unit 3

11/7: Family Night Book Fair 6:00pm

11/11: No School Veterans’ Day

Oasis Academy National Junior Honor Society’s annual Coat Drive going on now through 11/14.

Looking forward to a great week ahead!

Mrs. Ponessa