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Week of 10/7-10/10

October 6, 2019 by Victoria Ponessa

Hello 5th and 6th Families,

Both groups are finishing up their Unit/Chapter 2 assessments, with the hope to return these to both classes on Tuesday. We will be adjusting to new math block routines to help ensure students have ample time for independent practice and fun activities sprinkled in.

The week ahead in 5th grade math: This week we will close out Unit 2 and move on to Unit 3: Fractions. We will be reviewing fraction concepts from 4th grade such as comparing using equivalent fractions; writing fractions in simplest form; converting mixed numbers and improper fractions; and comparing fractions using these ideas. We will continue to work on long division and multiplication throughout the upcoming units.

The week ahead in 6th grade math: A few students are finishing up or were absent for the Chapter 2 test, so we are closing out Chapter 2 and beginning Chapter 3: Decimals. This week we will be reviewing how to write fractions as decimals and vice versa; adding and subtracting decimals, and understanding place value concepts when multiplying and dividing by powers of ten.

The week ahead in 6th grade projects: Students will begin to draft their rough drafts with an introduction about their landform, description of how it formed, how it has changed or continues to change, and a conclusion paragraph. As groups finish their rough drafts they can move on to building their landforms. We will also be exploring plate tectonics this week and how they have helped shape Earth’s land masses including Pangea.

Important Dates:

Do Now Math Quizzes (Both Classes): 10/10.

Projects Rough Drafts Due: 10/10

Projects Unit 2 Test: 10/17

Parent/Teacher Conferences: 10/18

Projects Due: 10/24