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Week of 10/28-10/31

October 27, 2019 by Victoria Ponessa

Hello Families!

Can you believe it is already the last week in October?!

The week ahead in…

5th grade math: This week we will continue to develop our understanding of fraction operations. We showed success last week adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. We will moving into multiplying whole numbers by fractions and mixed numbers this week. Here are some videos to accompany the skill:

6th grade math: The students will close out Chapter 3 on Monday, with their Chapter 3 Test. We will jump into Chapter 4 on Tuesday. We will be investigating positive and negative integers and how they are presented in real life (ex. -23 degrees F, -1 par in golf, +2,347 ft above sea level). We will also take a look at placing positive and negative numbers on horizontal and vertical number lines, as well as investigate the absolute value of numbers. Here is a video to help with absolute value:

6th grade projects: The landform presentations were terrific! Thank you for all those who stopped in. We also were able to present to our second grade friends in Ms. Garcia’s class. We will be jumping into Unit 3: Weather and Climate this week. We will begin to investigate what weather is, air masses, and fronts. The next project will be reporting on the climate and weather for a specific region in the U.S.. Students will do research and develop a skit to present, more details to come.

Upcoming News and Events:

10/31: Halloween School Parade 8:45 am.

10/31: Halloween Costume Contest: ALL DAY. We will choose a winner from our class for the best costume. This person will be entered into another competition for best costume grades 5-8.

10/31: Halloween Class Party 2:50pm. Thank you to those who already signed up to bring in items to make our party a great time! We will be painting pumpkins and enjoying some festive fun! All are welcome to join! Here is the link to the SignUp Genius:

11/1: Future Fest Fundraiser 5pm at the Convention Center

11/4: Book Fair. Our class will be going at 1:35pm.

11/7: Do Now Math Quizzes (5th & 6th)

11/7: Family Night Book Fair 6:00pm

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me! Looking forward to the great week ahead!

Mrs. Ponessa