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Week of 1/27-1/30

January 26, 2020 by Victoria Ponessa

Hello 5th and 6th grade families,

We are back in the swing of things and taking off in this second semester. I will be sending home the math MAPs family reports this week via backpack with your student. Please be on the lookout for that. As always continue to monitor IC for updated grades and missing assignments.

The week ahead in 5th grade math: We are continuing to progress forward with ratios. The students are enjoying this skill and working hard. We will begin the week by solving word problems involving ratios. The students will be given the Unit 6 test this Thursday, January, 30th. The students will receive a practice test on Wednesday, that we will have a chance to review together. As far as the last unit test, Unit 5, overall both 5th grade math groups struggled to perform as they typically do. The concepts in Unit 5 were slightly above 5th grade standards, so that is what I attribute to this scenario. Since the scores were lower overall, all students were afforded the opportunity to take a booster quiz on the Unit 5 concepts with the hope to bring up their individual test/quiz averages. I have also met with students individually to discuss their tests and provide encouragement.

Videos to support Unit 6 concepts:

The week ahead in 6th grade math: We will begin the week with a Chapter 8 Quiz on algebraic expression, this Monday, January, 27th. The rest of the week we will be jumping into Chapter 9 and solving algebraic equations. The students are persevering with their first exposure to pre-algebra.

Videos to support Chapter 8/9 concepts:

The week ahead in 6th grade Projects: This week during 6th grade projects, students will begin to wrap up Unit 1: Early Humans. We start the week by learning about the last early humans, homo sapiens. The students will generalize their understanding of early humans by creating an early humans book, which will be a classwork grade. We will also have a Unit 1 vocabulary quiz, this Thursday, January 30th. The students will also continue to work on their Unit 1 Project. The students have been working hard on their early human narratives and cave art paintngs. We will have our gallery walk presentation, this Thursday, January 30th, around 3:15 pm.

Important Dates & Events:

1/27: 6th grade Chapter 8 Quiz

1/30: 5th grade Unit 6 tests

1/30: 6th grade projects vocabulary quiz & gallery walk, 3:15, Room 10

2/3-2/12- Candy Gram Sales

Looking forward to the week ahead! Please email me with any questions or concerns at

Mrs. Ponessa