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Week Nine October 14-17

October 13, 2019 by Shayna Byrd


Parent Conferences – 

It’s the end of the first quarter and time for Fall student progress meetings. I’m excited to chat with you about your kiddo and the awesome progress we have made this year. We’ve set up Friday, October 18th for parents & guardians to come in. Please sign up for a time on our SignUp Genius!

Last week for Future Fest Gift Cards – Thank you to everyone who has donated a card, you are amazing and our tree is starting to fill up! If you haven’t had a chance to bring in a card, no worries, there is still time! Again, if you have any questions, please refer to our emails or let me know and I can fill you in!

Middle school student council is partnering with high school student council and collecting shoes for children in Ghana. You’ve received this info in an email, but I wanted to give you another go at it….. 

-While you’re cleaning out the coat closet gather up any pairs of shoes you no longer want and donate them also.  Oasis high school and middle school Student Councils are participating in a Global Act of Kindness by pairing up with to bring shoes to the children of Ghana, Africa. Children in Ghana cannot attend school if they do not have a pair of shoes so please help us help them. These shoes will not only keep them from having to go barefoot, but also give them the gift of an education.  We are holding a shoe drive until October 31 to collect any new or used shoes (sneakers, sandals, etc). There is a purple tub at the front office to drop them in. New and gently used shoes will go on their feet and shoes that are more worn will be recycled. The money from the recycled shoes will allow them to purchase school supplies, books and medical supplies.

7th Grade Reading- We had our current event day today with Flocabulary’s Week in Rap. I am continually impressed with the knowledge these kids have on the world around us. I hope that they are carrying on these conversations at home. We will also continue on with The Girl Who Drank the Moon and check in on some poem annotations with “Foul Shot” on Wednesday. 

7th Grade Writing- This week are working on demonstrating the ability to construct strong written responses with text-based evidence. The class is working on writing stations, beginning with one on how to use READ to answer questions using evidence: R–restate the question and then answer it E–Use evidence to support A–Analyze the evidence and D-Draw Conclusions. 

8th Grade Reading/Writing- This week teams are analyzing characters from the Lord of the Flies novel. They  will use knowledge of LOTF to create a life-size body figure of a character from the book and explain everything that character represents and brings to the novel to enhance it. 

Science- We are moving on to photosynthesis and cellular respiration during our projects block. Students will work through reading information and creating their interactive notebook. They will then have to apply their knowledge by answering leveled questions and stations.