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Week Four September 9-13

September 8, 2019 by Shayna Byrd

Quick Reminder- 

Future Fest! Please check out the email sent by Mrs. O. about our 7th grade level donation of a ‘Gift Card Tree.’ We are asking that each kiddo brings in a gift card of any amount to any location to add to our donation. Please have your card to Mrs. O or myself before October 30th and we will be good to go! Thank you in advance for any and all of your support. 

Wednesday, September 11th is dress up in “Red, White, and Blue” day.  If your child would like to wear red, white, and blue clothing, they will need to bring a $1 to donate.


7th Reading & Writing – This week we will start off our Monday with our traditional Week in Rap where the class will read and discuss current events that are happening around our world. This week’s topics include source evaluation, forest restoration and the evolution of dogs. We will also be continuing on with our class novel, The Girl that Drank the Moon. The class has been pretty enthusiastic during our group discussions and has shown promise with their vocabulary evaluation and skills answering comprehension questions with text evidence.  Our class novel will also be flowing into our writing block this week as the kids will each be writing a character analysis on one of our main roles from The Girl that Drank the Moon. These essays will follow an informative format that will include a strong thesis, at least three body paragraphs with text evidence to support their ideas, and finally a conclusion to tie it all together. We will also continue to plug along with our ELA standards from NoRedInk. 


8th Reading & Writing –

Our 8th grade class is really digging deep into our class novel, Lord of the Flies. They are working hard to analyze a couple of the main characters. We are focusing on citing textual evidence to support their analysis of what the novel says explicitly as well as inferences they have drawn on their own from reading the book. During the writing block, we are easing in with our first informational essay. This time around, each student will be tasked with finding their own topic to research and write about. Our goal is to have at least a rough draft ready by Thursday. 



Monday the class will take their Cells vocabulary and final exam. After seeing their final cell replica products, I am confident that they will do just fine tomorrow! =) 

On Tuesday, we will begin to study the digestive, circulatory, nervous, respiratory, excretory, muscular systems of the human body.