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Week Five – September 16-19

September 16, 2019 by Shayna Byrd

Week Five is underway!


We sure have been busy in the 7th grade. I can’t believe how quickly this semester is moving along. The class is full of creativity and spunk…I kind of like them. =) 


7th Reading – In Flocabulary this week we will touch base with current events that include protesters taking to the streets in Hong Kong, forest fires devastating the Amazon rainforest and how students in Oregon can now take mental health days. The rest of the week’s reading block is full of The Girl that Drank the Moon (chapters 9-13) and a new poem called “Deserted Farm” by Ted Kooser to annotate. 


7th Writing – Using their novels and 6 traits writing notes, each student will create an informational essay on a character from our class novel, The Girl Who Drank the Moon. The only twist is that they must break down and analyze three character traits their chosen character possesses using direct text evidence to support their ideas. 


8th Reading – The Lord of the Flies has not failed to impress, what a thought provoking book. These 8th graders have had some great discussions on deep topics. I am happy to see that they have been diligent with answering with text evidence, which is something we have really pushed for this quarter. 


8th Writing – This week we are working to demonstrate the ability to construct strong written responses with text-based evidence. The class will be working in stations to sharpen the following skills; find and analyze textual evidence, practice the READ strategy, analyze a written response, put together a written response and improve the written response.


Science- We are diving deeper into understanding the six main body systems this week. Eventually the class will work in teams of three to build a life sized poster that will demonstrate their knowledge of the different functions of each. This week we are building background knowledge of the systems through readings, web quests, and interactive notebooks.