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Week 9-Scarecrows

October 14, 2019 by Lauren Kelly

Welcome to 9th week of kindergarten:

This week our learning theme is Scarecrows. We will read, write, and create scarecrows. All of our literacy and text will be fiction focused around the read aloud stories, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything & The Lonely Scarecrow. They both are great picture books! 

For Language Arts this week in phonemic awareness we will continue to work on the concept of on-set rhyme, but we will also be introducing opposites. The concept of opposites is usually an easy concept for our littles to grasp. (e.g. hot/cold, day/night, short/tall, little/big) Students will need to be able to provide examples for on-set rhyme and opposites for report cards. Additionally, we want all our students to have all letter names and sounds mastered in 3 weeks. 

***Please, please be studying sight words with your child every night. It doesn’t have to be more than a few times through and a game/activity. The more sight words students have mastered the easier becoming fluent readers will be! Students need to be able to read a level C book by the END of kindergarten. Here is a link to an example of what kind of text our kinder students need to be able to independently read and retell the story in sequential order. Level C Book-I Can Help

For Math we are continuing to work on numbers 1-10. Students need to know how to identify the numbers in number form, word form, and in value form. Additionally, students need to be able to demonstrate number sense by providing the correct amount of items asked for or matching them up in 10-frame form and picture form. Students are expected to be able to write the numbers in number form with correct formation and represent with a picture model. 

HOMEWORK this week: 20 minutes nightly- 10 minutes of reading and 10 minutes of math on For math students are asked to work on any Kindergarten modules from A,B,or C.


  •  Snacks: Please make sure the snake being sent is put in your students front pocket of their backpack. This makes it so much easier for your child to do their morning routine. Additionally, then we as adults know what they are supposed to have for snack and what is separate in their lunch box is for lunch. We have 24 friends to get in and settled in the morning. Lol 
  • Halloween Party: Our class Halloween party will be on Thursday the 31st from 12:30-1:50 p.m.  ***Students are allowed to wear their Halloween costumes on this day. But no masks, weapons, or full face make-up is allowed. 

Label everything! Please make sure your child’s name is on their coats, jackets and hats that are sent in with them. If they misplace their items we can find it! If there is no name, then it’s a needle in a haystack with so many OA sweatshirts and jackets looking the same.