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Week 9 – Scarecrows and Feelings

October 14, 2019 by Miss Morrison

This week we will be focusing on feelings- those of our characters and ourselves. Handling big emotions is an important life skill. Noting the feeling of others- including the characters in books we read- helps us become better at recognizing them in ourselves. Identifying, discussing, and planning what to do when we feel a certain way, gives us more control over our emotions and choices.

We will be reading the delightful book The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything and The Lonely Scarecrow.

We will also be reading about firefighters and fire safety to help prepare for our  firefighter visit next week.

In math, we continue to build a strong foundation of number sense, identification, and formation. The students are doing very well with this skill- which can actually be a little deceptive. It is easy to be like, “Oh, they got this- we don’t need to keep spending time on this.” Oh, but we do! We want students to be able to quickly identify amounts, no matter the arrangement they are in. As well as to understand and identify relationships between amounts (more/less/equal). The more familiar they are with these concepts, the more successful they will be with more complex skills and larger amounts.

We will also be taking a look at ordinal positions this week- such as first, second, third, last.

The office is running low on extra school uniforms which are often borrowed when students have bathroom accidents- which are a natural part of students becoming more aware of their own body’s cues for bathroom use in an environment where they often have to wait longer than they are used to for their turn. Even if your child does not often have such accidents, please keep an extra uniform in your child’s backpack. 

A message from our Student Councils:

HS & MS Student Council are participating in a Global Act of Kindness. We are pairing up with to bring shoes to the children in Ghana on their next trip to Africa.

We will be holding a shoe drive until 10/31 to collect any new or used shoes (sneakers, sandals, etc). There is a purple tub at the front office to drop them off in. New and gently used shoes will go on their feet and shoes that are more warn will be recycled. The money from the recycled shoes will allow them to purchase school supplies, books and medical supplies.

Children in Ghana cannot attend school if they do not have a pair of shoes so please help us help them. These shoes will not only keep them from having to go barefoot, but also give them the gift of an education.



10 minutes each night. Reading can include reading stories, the poems in the binder, and working on alphabet sounds and letter names. I strongly recommend having your child sing and act the Zoo Phonics song with you. These animals serve as fun anchors to the all important letters and sounds that we use so much!

A strong base of sight words is critical for independent readers so please be sure to spend 2-3 minutes each night playing some sort of game with the sight words.

Sight words can be tricky to master and sometimes a little overwhelming for our youngsters. Playing games like Go Fish can help take the pressure off. On the other hand, some children have a more competitive streak and may enjoy adding a timed component to practice such as beating their own time. Some like a more physical approach and would rather practice by having to move around in fun ways (hop/crawl/walk backwards) to collect the words from all around the house. It is important that children develop a strong sight word base, but it is more valuable if they can have fun doing so. One parent had the idea of adding them into her child’s soccer drills- genius! Incorporating them into an activity your child already needs to do or enjoys is a great way to increase their exposure to them in a hopefully enjoyable way.


10 minutes each night.

Your child can work on any objectives 1-14 in Skill Section C. Numbers and counting up to 10. If your child seems pretty solid with those, feel free to have them spend some time on objectives in Skill Section C or another area they seem interested in. Repeated practice and skill mastery is what we are aiming for.

Our school’s homework focus for math is math facts. At this point of the year, for our students this is recognizing numerals 0-10 and their corresponding amounts. Students should also be strengthening their ability to write these numerals clearly.

The use of traditional card and board games is a very fun way to go. Your child can also count and sort various items from around the house. An important concept we are working on is “one more”. Building towers or collections that gradually get larger and labeling them with the corresponding numerals can be a fun way to practice these important skills.

You can also take the cards 1-10 out of a deck of cards and have your child build sets of objects to match the card they pull. If you both pull and build, you can them add in the additional step of comparing the amounts.