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Week 10 – Oct 21-24

October 20, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

Thank y’all for the participation in our “Wear Pink” day last week! It was a huge success!

4th Grade Math: This past week we finished up multi-digit multiplication and I am so proud of how hard these kiddos have worked to learn the traditional algorithm of multiplication. This week we will explore how multiplication can be used to compare numbers. For example, we can say that 3 times as many as 5 is 15. We will also solve word problems like Tommy ran 3 miles. If Jane ran 5 times as far as Tommy, how many miles did she run. On Wednesday and Thursday we will dive right into dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We will be using an area model and partial quotients to help us solve these problems.

3rd Grade Math: Last week we finished up our addition and subtraction unit with an assessment on Thursday. I am so proud of our 3rd graders and their ability to problem solve! With only 9 weeks into school I figured the word problems would be pretty rough, but they tackled them head on and many were successful! I can’t wait to see how much further we will grow as we continue to problem to solve this year. This week we will be introducing the concept of multiplication and how we can explain and talk about it. When looking at 3 x 4, we use phrases such as; 3 groups of 4, 3 4s, 4 groups of 3, 4 3s, and 3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3, etc. I encourage you to find example this week in your everyday life that uses multiplication and point them out with your child. I have no doubt that this group of kiddos will take off with this concept and do very well.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions with your child in math class or other issues in the morning. I look forward to my time with your children each day. – Mrs. Sorensen

In writing, students completed their first narrative “masterpiece” assignment. Papers will be reviewed and grades shared with students this week. We are progressing through the writing process with our class narrative and will finish early next week so students have an example to follow for additional assignments. Speaking of which, students will choose another narrative topic and begin their second masterpiece this week. I will still meet with students on a weekly basis to guide and direct their writing techniques. I have added additional resources throughout your child’s notebook and around the room to help them produce exceptional writing assignments. Also, students have started rotating between practicing their typing skills on Typing Club, typing an online journal entry and language arts IXL strategies within our “writing” class time.
In projects, students have been working on identifying physical features, cities and counties within Nevada and placing them on their group’s “rough draft” Nevada map. This is a slow process as students are still familiarizing themselves with how to read a map, but we are getting a lot of practice. If students continue to work hard and stay focused, we may be able to complete the final Nevada map by the end of this next week. **Please remember- There will be plenty of classroom supplies for this project, however if your child wants to bring crafting supplies from home to use for this project, that is fine. Many household items work great, and extra points are given for creativity! Please do not spend extra money on specialty items for this project.    
Thank you again for sharing your children with me, Mrs. Farley

  • Monday 10/21- Picture Retake- All students must have their picture taken, even if you are not purchasing pictures
  • Archery Students- practice every Thursday @3:30
  • Middle and High school student council shoe drive- through October 31
  • Friday, November 1- Future Fest dinner and auction- many of our teachers are donating wonderful prizes (including the Fourth Grade Team) We appreciate your support!
  • Monday, 11/4- Book Fair
  • National Junior Honor Society’s annual Coat Drive- bring donations to the front office by November 14
  • November 15- K-4 Parent/Teacher conferences