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Week 8, Oct 7-10

October 4, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

4th Grade Math: In math this week we can now add and subtract using the traditional algorithm!  I have enjoyed watching these kids pick it up and use it to more quickly add and subtract numbers.  I will say the verdict is still out whether or not they prefer the traditional to the place value based strategies.  I can say they definitely can add and subtract much more quickly than before!  We also started to multiply multi-digit numbers by one-digit numbers using an area model.  Ask your child how this works, they all seem to enjoy this.This next week we are moving right along and will be learning the standard or traditional algorithm of multiplication.  Again, this is a new skill to teach 4th graders and I am excited to see how well they do with this.  

3rd and 4th Grade Math: If your student finishes their math facts before the 15 minute mark, please encourage them to get on Khan Academy and work on their personalized learning plans.  I have now shown both classes what this is about and they seem to be excited about this. If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will be happy to help.

3rd Grade Math:  We have been attacking bar models this week with addition and subtraction.  I have definitely found that these kiddos can easily solve word problems without bar models. While this is awesome and shows their hard work they have done in 2nd grade, bar models will help them so much in tougher problems to come.  I have had them first solve word problems how they would solve them without a bar model and then go back and try to draw one to match the information.  This seems to be helping them connect the visual with the equations.  I truly believe that as they become more comfortable with this skill, they will find greater success with problem solving in the future.  This next week we continue to practice adding and subtracting up to 4 digit numbers and we will work more with word problems.  

In writing, students practiced using their five senses to add details to their narrative masterpiece. We had a fun object lesson to help the kids really connect to this concept. Each student had an apple to use for this lesson and used their senses to describe what they saw, smelled, tasted, felt, and heard. They used this approach to then write about their apple using what they observed when going through the five senses. It is still very hard to keep from “telling” about something rather than using juicy words to “show” how something was. We will continue to practice this all year long. Students also focused on using transitions and paragraphs to help their readers follow their story from beginning to end and keep their narratives organized. This next week students will revise, edit and publish their first narrative masterpiece.

In projects, we concluded our “Who would move to Nevada” social studies unit. Your child did an AMAZING job on their first oral presentation of the year and I am so incredibly proud of them! Thank you for coming to support your children and watch their presentations and see their dioramas. Students also made Venn diagrams comparing and contrasting children from their assigned early Nevada settler group to children today. Their “Then and Now” posters really showed that they understand how different life was back then to their life today. We wrapped up this unit with a field trip to the Churchill County Museum. Students had a lot of fun connecting what they learned to the items they saw in the museum. Next week we will begin our new unit on Nevada which will focus on creating maps that show human and physical features in Nevada. Students will also learn key parts of a man and begin studying new Quizlet vocabulary words.


~The MS and HS Student Council will be holding a shoe drive until 10/31 to collect any new or used shoes (sneakers, sandals, etc). There is a purple tub at the front office to drop them off in. New and gently used shoes will go on their feet and shoes that are more warn will be recycled. The money from the recycled shoes will allow them to purchase school supplies, books and medical supplies.

~Friday, November 1st: Oasis Academy’s “Mad Hatter” Future Fest fundraiser to support the future of OA students will be held at the Fallon Convention Center. Doors will open at 5:30 pm and dinner will be served at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $30 each. Get yours today from the OA office or any OA high school student athlete or club member. If you’re interested in a sponsor option, ask at the OA front office.