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Week 8 – Oct. 14-17

October 13, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

Dear Fourth grade parents,
Another week down and we are moving right along through our school year!

4th Grade Math: This week we have been multiplying like crazy.  4th graders are definitely realizing that knowing their math facts makes multiplying multi-digit numbers much easier.  Keep working on those facts and going back to review sometimes to keep all facts fresh.  This next week we will be working on 2 and 3-digit by 2-digit multiplication.  We will be using both an area model and learning the traditional or standard algorithm.  On Wednesday and Thursday we will be moving onto division using place value strategies such as partial quotients and an area model.

3rd Grade Math: This past week has been filled with word problems and bar models. Students have been adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers using the traditional or standard algorithm and are definitely getting the hang of it. It has been fun to watch all the computing this class is doing. This week we will finish off the unit with two step problems, review for two days and test on Thursday.

In writing we have completed all of the lessons on how to follow the writing process. Students are now finalizing their papers and publishing them by producing a typed final copy. I am still meeting with students individually this week to ensure they are using their resources to produce quality work. This week we will also work whole class to write a narrative story together. As a class, students will identify and apply each of the writing strategies to our “class masterpiece” and follow guided instruction.

Last week in projects, students identified parts of a map, practiced our new map vocabulary, and familiarized themselves with the Nevada state map. Your child will become a cartographer! Our new project includes your child working in new project groups to create a Nevada state map. This week groups will locate cities and physical features on the map and create a rough draft of their own map. As a class, this week we will review pictures and discuss ideas and plans on how they will create their map. Then next week, we will begin creation of our final Nevada map. There will be plenty of classroom supplies for this project, however if your child wants to bring crafting supplies from home to use for this project, that is fine. Many household items work great, and extra points are given for creativity! Please do not spend extra money on specialty items for this project.   

Finally, I need to ask for your help. As a class, we are struggling with students not following directions and not using mutual respect with their classmates. We have daily discussions about being polite and using our TRIBES agreements. Please help me grow “OUR KIDS” into responsible and respectful students and adults. These kids have earned a very special place in my heart and I want to help them learn and develop their individualized traits for the best! Thank you for your support. Please reach out to me at if you have any questions or concerns.  


  • Monday, 10/14- Uniform/Student Store will be OPEN from 3:30-6PM. Logowear online orders accepted through Tuesday 10/15!
  • Purchase pizza passes for the 2nd quarter before noon on Wednesday, October 16
  • Middle and High school student council shoe drive- through October 31
  • Friday, November 1- Future Fest dinner and auction- many of our teachers are donating wonderful prizes (including the Fourth Grade Team) We appreciate your support!
  • National Junior Honor Society’s annual Coat Drive- bring donations to the front office by November 14
  • November 15- K-4 Parent/Teacher conferences