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Week 8 in 2nd Grade

October 21, 2018 by Anne Bloomfield

October 22, 2018
Dear Parents,
Fall days are here and cooler weather along with some very sweet new logo wear sweatshirts. I know we are beginning to sound like a broken record but please be sure to label your child’s belongings and check that the labeling doesn’t wash away.

In math we are beginning our journey into adding and subtracting 2, 2-digit numbers within 100 without renaming. Second grade students will be learning many different strategies within the next few weeks. Last week we started using the Branch Method in addition. Students remembered a lot about this strategy from 1st grade.

This week students will continue working with the Branch Method in addition and subtraction. Students will also be introduced to the Open Number Line. Again, it is really about being able to decompose the tens and ones place of a number and use a number line to add or subtract. While it is very different from the way that Miss Garcia and myself (and possibly you too!) learned to add and subtract multi-digit numbers, it will deepen your child’s understanding of adding and subtracting larger numbers.

In Language, we continue to learn about verbs. We created a circle map that included many verbs. We also discussed the present and past tense of verbs, and used these tenses to interactively write a Tree Map. They used present and past tense verbs in their writing. Second graders are learning that there are irregular verbs that in order to form the past tense you may not just add “ed” but change the spelling of the word.

Present Tense                         Past Tense
We catch the fly ball.               We caught the fly ball.

Students will be finishing up their descriptive writing of their “monster” we started last week. We completed prewriting and rough drafts last week. This week students will revise, edit, and produce a final copy.
Opinion writing is the focus of our next writing assignment. Students have been using Community Circles to state their opinions and reasons through “Would You Rather” topics. This week we will use the acronym OREO (state your Opinion, give Reasons, Explain your reasons, restate your Opinion) to write an opinion piece on the best holiday.

Our work with Matte is continuing, Last week students learned about molecules and how they behave in solids, liquids, and gases. Students also completed an activity involving chocolate chips that focused on the changes that matter can undergo when it is heated and cooled. This week students will be identifying the contents of a mixture based on their knowledge of the properties of given types of matter.

Halloween Party
On October 31st at 2:45 pm the 2nd grade classes will have their Halloween Party. Miss Garcia and myself would like to keep it simple with some games and some light refreshments (preferably a few healthy items) since students will be enjoying plenty of sweet treats after Trick or Treating. If you would like to provide a snack please contact your child’s teacher via email and we can let you know our needs. Thanks in advance!

Have a wonderful week!
Anne Bloomfield
Miss Garcia