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Week 7- Pumpkins (fiction and nonfiction)

September 30, 2019 by Miss Morrison

This week, our thematic focus will be pumpkins. We will continue exploring a topic through both fiction and nonfiction. We are revisiting many important concepts this week including:

* fiction vs nonfiction

* purpose

* parts of the book and how they help us get ready for the book

* author/illustrator

* how characters are feeling throughout a story

We begin the work of sharing our opinions in our writing by telling others activities we enjoy doing.

In math, our focus is stretching to include working with numbers up to 10. We really want students to have a strong number sense with these amounts so we work to include quantity, use careful one-to-one correspondence when counting objects, understanding more/less relationships, and proper numeral formation.

We are also really delving into the oh-so-important skills involved in developing strong Habits of Discussion. These are the specific jobs we have as a speaker and as a listener. We will be creating a chart and using hand movements to help us remember to use these skills in our discussions. 

These jobs include:


* Look at the audience

* Speak “loud and proud” 

* Speak in whole sentences

* Use people’s names


* Track the speaker

* Keep my hands down and still

* Wait until it is my turn to talk

  • This is so important: truly listening to what they are saying AND I give them time to think when they need it.

* Time or help?

  • This is the question you ask if someone seems to be struggling
  • Help is reminders, not just the answer

Our kiddos have been really busy creating wonderful creations at our makers space during creative time. We are running a little low on some supplies for the makers space and I could use some help restocking. Remember that time spent shopping for or gathering materials counts as volunteer time (round up to the nearest half hour). We could use some more:

  • pipe cleaners
  • craft sticks
  • pom poms
  • toilet paper or paper towel rolls

We still have openings for helping the class with learning stations. The more family members we have helping out, the more opportunities for reinforcing sticky concepts we have so if you think you may be interested and available, please let me know and I will share  the details. 



10 minutes each night. Reading can include reading stories, the poems in the binder, and working on alphabet sounds and letter names. I strongly recommend having your child sing and act the Zoo Phonics song with you. These animals serve as fun anchors to the all important letters and sounds that we use so much!

A strong base of sight words is critical for independent readers so please be sure to spend 2-3 minutes each night playing some sort of game with the sight words.


10 minutes each night.

Your child can work on any objectives 1-14 in Skill Section C. Numbers and counting up to 10. If your child seems pretty solid with those, feel free to have them spend some time on objectives in Skill Section C or another area they seem interested in. Repeated practice and skill mastery is what we are aiming for.

Our school’s homework focus for math is math facts. At this point of the year, for our students this is recognizing numerals 0-10 and their corresponding amounts. Students should also be strengthening their ability to write these numerals clearly.

The use of traditional card and board games is a very fun way to go. Your child can also count and sort various items from around the house. An important concept we are working on is “one more”. Building towers or collections that gradually get larger and labeling them with the corresponding numerals can be a fun way to practice these important skills.

You can also take the cards 1-10 out of a deck of cards and have your child build sets of objects to match the card they pull. If you both pull and build, you can then add in the additional step of comparing the amounts.