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Week 7, Oct 15-18 with Mrs. Farley

October 14, 2018 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

WooHoo!! I think the students can celebrate with me now that they have completed their Nevada Settler essays this past week.  I am still grading them, but will pass them back to the students later this week. I was proud of their hard work on editing and revising their papers, as well as the collaboration and teamwork they all exhibited during this assignment. The students will now begin making models of their assigned group. Thank you for helping your child collect their assigned supplies this weekend, and remind them to bring them to school MONDAY! My goal is to have the students work on these all week, and present their model to the other 4th grade class on Thursday. I will send out an email later this week with the definite presentation date and time in case you are available and want to come look at their model. Your child has also been studying vocabulary words related to this early Nevada settler unit. We have played games, used flashcards, and written the word and definition repeatedly for 6 weeks. Now that we are wrapping up this unity of study, they will take their vocabulary quiz this Thursday.

In case your child hasn’t told you, we will be concluding the Nevada Settler unit with a field trip to the Churchill County Museum. This is planned for Tuesday, October 23, weather permitting. I will send home a permission slip this week that must be signed and returned in order for your child to go to the museum. I am asking that for Tuesday only, your child bring a brown bag/ throw away sack lunch and plastic water bottle. We will leave the school promptly at noon, and walk to Laura Mills Park to eat our lunch and play for a few minutes. We will then continue our trek down to South Maine St. to the museum. I am excited for the kids to see and touch parts of history that up to this point they have just read about in books and online. We will spend a couple of hours touring the different collections and exhibits, then head back towards school. (We hope to be back on campus by 3:30). A few of the students have asked about buying items at the gift shop at the museum, but I will leave discretion up to you. Please do not feel obligated to send money, and only do so if you feel comfortable. There is no charge for admission. I know my students are really looking forward to this trip, will be on their best behavior, and set a great example for our school.

The students did a great job last week with the metaphor and simile sentences. This week we continue studying figurative language by introducing idioms. Again, we will practice all week and have their quiz on idioms this Thursday afternoon. We had a lengthy class discussion last week about following directions on the quiz. Some students are writing the correct answer, but not following the directions and circling or underlining additional words. Also, some students are not capitalizing the first word in the sentence or using correct punctuation. I remind them before each quiz to follow directions. But beginning this week, if they do not completely follow every step of the directions, or fail to use appropriate capitalization and punctuation, their answer will be marked wrong. Please help me in helping your child succeed by reminding them of these rules.

Also this week in writing, we will begin our unit on personal narratives. Monday I will ask your child to write their first narrative, and I will use it as a pre-assessment. I want to know how much they remember about the writing process (that we’ve discussed this year) and what they already know about narratives. I will count this as a participation grade and use this as a base line for future narrative assignments.

I would like to ask those of you who have been collecting Box Tops to send those with your child this week. The person who coordinates the collections for our school is making a pick up this week, so this would be a great time to send them in. Our school appreciates your support!

Thank you for loving and supporting your child/children. These are a great bunch of kids and I appreciate all of your hard work at home to help them succeed! Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Farley