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Week 7 in 2nd Grade

October 14, 2018 by Anne Bloomfield

October 15, 2018
Dear Parents,

Fall is here, along with the appropriate weather! Miss Garcia and myself have to admit that we are definitely fans of this cool, crisp weather! Please be sure that with cooler weather your student is dressed for comfort with at least a light jacket or sweater for recess time. Also be sure the jacket or sweater is marked with your child’s name, the lost and found table is very full and many articles of clothing do not have names or names that can be read.

In math we spent the week on Part-Whole Word Problems. Word problems are always a bit tricky for students. As we work on them we are “dissecting” the problems looking for the important clues, to help us to understand and answer the problems. Students are working on identifying whether a number in the problem is the “whole” or one of the “parts”. Our mantra has been…
Part + Part = Whole (If the problem gives you the parts, you would add to find the whole.)
Whole – Part = Part (If the problem gives you the whole and a part, you would subtract to find the other part.)
In our answer we are writing an equation and writing an answer sentence. Below is an example.

Part-Whole Word Problems
Sarah drew 3 pictures on Saturday. She drew a few more pictures on Sunday. She drew 9 pictures altogether. How many pictures did she draw on Sunday?

Number Bond (Whole 9 — Part 3 = Part 6)
Equation: 9 — 3 = _6_ or 3 + _6_ = 9

Answer Sentence: Sarah drew 6 pictures on Sunday.
Our work with word problems will be ongoing.

In Language, students started learning about verbs. We created a circle map that included many verbs. Students listened to a verb “rap” and joined in by demonstrating the verbs being rapped. We have spent time working on objectives on IXL Language having to do with verbs. Students are enjoying doing IXL on the Vizio Board.

Second grade writers have completed their first opinion piece. This was a learning piece for students to learn the parts of an opinion. This week students will be exposed to narrative writing. Again we will be be using this as a learning the parts of a narrative piece.

Students have been learning about matter. This past week students started some activities exploring solids, liquids, and gas, including an activity called “Balloon Pop”. We are currently creating a Matter Book. This week will be learning about changing matter.

Here’s wishing you a great week!

Anne Bloomfield
Miss Garcia