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Week 7

September 29, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

4th Grade: In math this past week we learned how to add and subtract using the traditional algorithm.  After a few problems, we all agreed that it was kind of fun!  From now on, we will be using this strategy rather than the other value based strategies.  On Thursday we learned about bar models and how we can use them to help us visualize our numbers as we solve addition and subtraction problems.  This week we will spend a couple more days with addition and subtraction, we will have a mid-unit quiz on addition and subtraction and move onto multi-digit multiplication.  

For both 3rd and 4th grade:  This week your child will come home with a card in their take home folder with sign in information for IXL, Xtramath, and Khan Academy.  In Khan Academy I have set up individual learning plans based on each student’s MAPS scores.  Xtramath provides a simple math fact practice program starting with addition and subtraction.  When they first sign in, they need to make sure they sign in under student and they need to enter my email in first (, then their first name and pin number from their card.  If students finish their math fact sheet early for home enjoyment, I encourage them to spend some of their time on one of these websites. 

I have a video website that I put videos of lessons we have had or will have that hopefully will help if you feel your child needs another look at concepts or strategies.  You can find those here: 3rd/4th Math Videos.  Also, please take time to go through assessments with your child as you see them come home.

3rd Grade: This past week we explored bar models and connected them with our addition and subtraction.  We will continue with these this week as we work with word problems.  Students will be able to use bar models for years to come to help them visualize the size of numbers as they problem solve. 

I love teaching your children each day and please reach out with any questions you may have.  – Mrs. Sorensen

Our class is quickly working our way through the writing process as we near the completion of our first masterpiece. Last week students worked on adding details to their narrative as well as choosing strong words to make their stories more interesting. On Monday we will have a fun activity to help us practice our “show, not tell” strategy. As mentioned in an email last week, please send 1 apple (of any shape,kind, or size) to school with your child on MONDAY for this lesson. The rest of the week will be spent implementing the show not tell strategy and introducing transition words to our writing. We will also learn about when to start a new paragraph throughout our writing masterpiece. 

We had a very productive week in projects. Students completed the construction of their dioramas and began writing note cards to use for their oral presentations. We would like to invite you to visit our classroom on Tuesday, October 1 @ 1:00 to watch groups give their oral presentations and discuss their dioramas featuring their early Nevada settler group.  Groups will present in no particular order. Then, Wednesday is our field trip to Laura Mills Park and the Churchill Co. Museum. Please make sure your child wears comfortable walking shoes (and their uniform) and packs a snack and water bottle for the walking trip. A drawstring type backpack may be brought, but please do not send money with your child. We will not have time to purchase anything at the museum gift shop. 
Also this week, students will take their Quizlet vocabulary test and complete a Venn Diagram to compare modern children to children of their NV settler group. 
Thank you for sharing your child with me. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please email me at