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Week 6: Seasons & Trees

September 19, 2019 by Lauren Kelly

Hi everyone!

This week we will be moving on to the four seasons and the weather that comes with each. Students will learn and need to decipher the types of clothing needed, holidays that occur, and activities that can be done during each season. Students will learn about the life cycles of trees and how they change during each season.  This week for Language arts the letters we will focus on are /Ee/ & /Yy/. The sight words we will focus on in class are: an & see.  

This week we will be starting sight word list practice and Thursday quizzes. A construction sheet of 10 color coded sight words will be sent home EACH Monday. Students will be quizzed on Thursdays on the 10 words. If they get them ALL correct they will move on to the next set of 10 sight words. If they move on to the next set of sight words, they will be sent home on Thursday. If students do not pass, I will send home a card letting you know what words they missed and still need to practice. Sight word quizzes should not be a major stressor for your students! They should be fun and motivation for them to gain the sight word knowledge to become readers. If any parent would like to come in on Thursdays from 9:50-10:50 a.m. to do sight word quizzes with our students, I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂

HOMEWORK: 20 minutes nightly of Reading and Math. 10 minutes of reading: This can be sight word list practice, reading poems, paper books, or choice of books from home. 10 minutes of math on from any kindergarten modules from A, B, C.


 –Tuesday, September 24th: Picture Day~Students should still come in their uniform looking spiffy. 🙂

Thursday, September 26th: Pajama Day: For a $1 donation students can wear school appropriate pajamas. Students need to still wear tennis shoes please!

Jackets: Students need to start bringing a jacket or dressing in layers to take off.  The weather is silly and can be cooler in the morning and then warms up by lunch.