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Week 6 in 2nd Grade

September 22, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

September 23, 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome autumn!! With fall temperatures settling in, it’s time to start marking sure that your child has a jacket or a sweatshirt to wear outside. Please be sure that your child’s outwear is clearly marked with their name, remember that after several washings those names begin to fade. Our “lost and found” table can be piled high and it is helpful if your child’s belongings are marked.

In math, students reviewed and assessed on writing, ordering, counting on, and counting back within 1,000. Work on these skills will continue through our daily “Do Nows”.
Our next focus in math will be word problems. Students are working through various types of word problems. The work includes creating a number bond, an equation with an answer, and an answer statement. We have started solving problems with numbers within 20 so that students can analyze what is happening in the problem without working with larger numbers. Throughout the year we will be applying this format to word problems with larger numbers.
Our work with singular and plural nouns continued this week with irregular. Some examples of irregular plural nouns are child/children, foot/feet, and man/men. Students also learned that some nouns are the same in both the singular and plural forms like 1 fish or many fish. Students will complete a short assessment on nouns.
This week we will start our work on verbs.
Students have completed their first writing that has gone through the complete writing process. Student riddles and self portraits are now hanging in the hall. Please see if you can guess which one is your child.
Our new writing is working on an opinion piece. Students have been practicing the parts of an opinion piece using the acronym O (state your Opinion), R (give Reasons for your opinion), E (Explain your reasons), O (restate your Opinion). Students are currently writing their opinion on the best candy.
Students have been working on creating their final drafts of their Tribes Poster. Each child selected a Tribes Agreement (Attentive Listening, Mutual Respect, Appreciations/No Put Downs, and Right to Pass) and a designed a poster to represent that agreement. Each poster will go onto a larger poster that will include all 4 agreements, which will then be displayed in a local business. This week students will complete their posters and get ready to present their posters to local businesses on Monday, September 30th at 3:15 pm.
Upcoming Events
September 24th Picture Day (Students are to wear their uniforms.)
September 26th Pajama Day (Students may wear their pajamas for a donation.)
September 30th Tribes Agreement Presentation to local businesses at 3:15 pm.

Wishing everyone a great week!!
Anne Bloomfield, Shannon Garcia, and Heather Wiessmer