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Week 6 9/23

September 22, 2019 by Jami Rowlett

Happy Monday,

This week flew by in First grade!  We enjoyed the cooler temperatures and the 5 STAR lunch celebration!  Way to go BIGHORNS!! I wanted to give a shout out to the student council they did an amazing job putting on the school carnival.  



  • Reading every night for 20 minutes  (This includes sight words and reading group books that are now coming home each night.) Please don’t forget to sign the reading log.  
  • Reading groups are up and running.  Your child should have a book to read as part of their nightly 20 minutes.  Please return it to school the next day.
  • Math fact sheet each night



  • Edited our apple opinion papers and wrote our final drafts.
  • Counted syllables in words. 
  • Identified R blends and other blends.
  • Used Format Matters and Habits of Discussion when responding in class.
  • Made applesauce in class.
  • Designed an apple bobbing device with a group.


  • Test our apple bobbing devices, make modifications, and test again.
  • Identify closed syllables.
  • Finish our interactive writing of Habits of Discussion.
  • Begin learning about our community helpers.
  • continue reviewing syllables, blends, and short vowels. 

Math news from Miss Garcia

In math last week the first graders took an assessment on number bonds and began to look at addition equations through addition number stories. 

This week we will Practice using the strategy of “counting on” using both a number line and 120 chart. 

Image result for counting on number line strategies

Example: If your equation is 2+5=__, we ask students to start on the addend of 2 and “hop” or “jump” 5 more.  The students then land on the sum of 7. We will teach students to begin with the larger addend and hop or jump using the smaller addend. 



  • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th–PICTURE DAY  (Students must wear their uniforms.)
  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th–Pajama Day (Please bring a donation to participate.) 
  • PLEASE label all jackets and sweatshirts…they are starting to pile up on the lost and found table.