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Week 6- 9/23/19

September 22, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

In math this past week we finished up multiples, factors and prime and composite numbers.  We will continue to talk about these concepts in review and during our number talks to help solidify and keep them fresh. 

This week we will be reviewing place value strategies for addition and subtraction such as partial sums and differences.  We will then connect these strategies with the traditional algorithm of adding and subtracting.  This method is definitely something us adults are much more comfortable with!  We will finish off the week with learning how to use bar models to solve problems.  

Please continue to encourage your child to study and prepare for math fact assessments. My expectation is that all students have multiplication facts passed off by the tenth week of school.  That gives everyone 4 more weeks to pass the rest of their multiplication assessments. I know we can do this and it will lead to greater success as we move into multi-digit multiplication and division.  

In 3rd Grade Math this past week we learned the traditional or standard algorithm of addition and subtraction.  This is how we as parents learned to add and subtract.  I can tell that these 3rd graders have a great foundation of place value knowledge as they learn to navigate regrouping with both addition and subtraction using this algorithm.  This Monday we will review from last week and then the rest of the week we will introduce and use bar models when solving word problems.  

Please continue to encourage your child to study and prepare to pass math fact assessments. If your child is having a hard time completing the math fact homework page, please encourage them to create themselves a tool at the top of their page.  For example, if you are working on your 4s, you would have them count by 4s till they get to 40 at the top of their page.  As they work problems they can use that to help them solve their problems. I continue to enjoy having your students in class each day and watching them learn!

We had a successful week in writing by adding strong leads and dialogue to our seed narratives. I didn’t get to meet with every student this past week as planned, but I plan to continue conferencing with groups throughout each week. This week your child will learn different techniques they can use to add details to their writing as well as how to use stronger words to make a more interesting story.

In projects, most of the students have completed their research on their Nevada settler group. Everyone is VERY excited to begin planning and executing the construction of the diorama. Each child in the group will work together to complete a model plan (to depict their particular settler group)  before construction begins. Your child will also complete their note card and practice their part of the oral presentation. Depending on how progress goes this week, we will practice presentations with our class on Thursday. Stay turned for a date and time to present to parents! 

I have enjoyed getting to know my students this year. Thank you for sharing your child with me. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please email me at


  • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th–PICTURE DAY  (Students must wear their uniforms.)
  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th–Pajama Day (Please bring a donation to participate) 
  • PLEASE label all jackets and sweatshirts…they are starting to pile up on the lost and found table.