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Week 6!

September 22, 2019 by Brittany Wilbanks

This week flew by in First grade!  We enjoyed the cooler temperatures and the 5 STAR lunch celebration!  Way to go BIGHORNS!!



  • Reading every night for 20 minutes  (This includes sight words and reading group books that are now coming home each night.) Please read and return the book daily!
  • Math fact sheet each night



  • Edited our apple opinion papers and wrote our final drafts.
  • Counted syllables in words. 
  • Identified R blends and other blends.
  • Used Format Matters and Habits of Discussion when responding in class.
  • Made applesauce in class.
  • Designed an apple bobbing device with a group.
  • Took an assessment on number bonds.
  • Began to look at addition equations through addition number stories.



  • Test our apple bobbing devices, make modifications, and test again.
  • Identify closed syllables.
  • Finish our interactive writing of Habits of Discussion.
  • Begin learning about our community helpers.
  • Continue reviewing syllables, blends, and short vowels. 
  • Practice using the strategy of “counting on” using both a number line and 120 chart.

Example: If your equation is 2+5=__, we ask students to start on the addend of 2 and “hop” or “jump” 5 more.  The students then land on the sum of 7. We will teach students to begin with the larger addend and hop or jump using the smaller addend. 



  • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th–PICTURE DAY  (Students must wear their uniforms.)
  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th–Pajama Day (Please bring a donation to participate.) 
  • PLEASE label all jackets and sweatshirts…they are starting to pile up on the lost and found table.