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Week 6 – 1st grade Fun

October 7, 2018 by Jami Rowlett

Hello First Grade Families,

First grade reading groups are in full swing and we are getting into a routine during our morning reading block.  Please have your child read the book I send home as part of their 20 minutes of reading homework, as well as study their sight words.  They can choose books of their choice to reach the 20 minute requirement.  Don’t forget to send the books back in their reading pouch to turn in the next day.

Last week in first grade:

  • We learned how to find the beginning and ending of sentences in a paragraph.
  • We practiced writing the consonant blends that we hear or see in a picture.
  • We learned how to rhyme words and made rhyming dust bunnies.  Please check out our work on the bulletin board in the hallway.
  • We made yummy applesauce and talked about the steps to make it.
  • We discussed correct habits of discussion.

This week in first grade:

  • We will identify whether a group of letters is a syllable or not a syllable and learn what a closed syllable is.
  • We will continue practicing how to make rhyming words/find word families.
  • We will review consonant blends, especially r blends and l blends (ex. sl, pl, bl, br, pr, etc.)
  • We will proofread and edit our apple writing.
  • We will begin our project study on community helpers.


Monday is the last day to order from the scholastic book order.  If you ordered books they will be here in the next couple of weeks. Our class code is HLFMD.

If your child would like to access Raz-Kids at home and have access to thousands of books online please send me an email and I will send you my  username and your child’s password.

Keep sending in plastic for our art projects.  Mrs. Johnson will be collecting it until October 10th.

A Math Message from Miss Garcia

The first graders worked hard on “part, part, whole.” This is also called a number bond.  We discussed how to take two “parts” and add them together to find the “whole” number. Then we took it one step further to determine if number bonds and equations were either True or False.  We will continue to explore the topic of True or False this week. The 1st graders will have paper fact sheets again this week; however, starting next week they will be expected to complete some IXL assignments which will be posted on the Blog for week 7.  Their login and password is taped inside of their white binder which they need to take home and bring back to school each day. IXL sends a report of who completed their assignments to Miss Garcia. Get, ready…this will be starting next week (Week of October 15th).

Have a great week!