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Week 5 with Mrs. Farley

September 30, 2018 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

Hello again!

This last week just seemed to fly by, and of course the weekend did too. But I’m looking forward to seeing all my smiling 4th grade faces tomorrow!

In projects this week, we will wrap up our research of our Nevada Settler groups. We had a great visit with our new friend Ms. Stacey Montooth from the Reno Sparks Indian Colony last Wednesday. She shared valuable information on the Shoshone and Paiute tribes including a slide show presentation, pictures, and detailed information to help students complete their notes. I will meet with each group this week to review their notes and give them to go ahead to start organizing and drafting their research paper. We will inter-twine the projects and writing lessons a bit, because the content of your child’s research paper will be based on the Nevada settler group they were assigned. Each member of the group is responsible for writing one paragraph about their assigned settler. Each student was asked to find information in one of the following areas: lifestyles, conflicts, compromises, contributions, and interactions.  The group as a whole will contribute and write the introduction and conclusion. I will pass out a rubric that will be used for grading this research paper, and as a class we will review it. Each student will have their own copy showing them the information I expect to be shared in their paper. Also as a class, we will introduce and review the drafting, revising and editing steps. In order to be thorough with this process, I expect this will take all of this week and probably most of next week. These are the building blocks to good writing habits, and I want to make sure the students fully understand the effort it takes to write a spectacular essay/research paper.

I was SO PROUD of the Sentence of the Week quizzes that your child took last Thursday. They have a very clear understanding of the rules regarding ending punctuation… YEAH! This week our writing focus will be on similes. Typically similes and metaphors are taught together, but I didn’t want to move too fast. So we will start slow and learn that a simile compares two things that are similar using the words like or as. Again, I will introduce this focus on Monday, have lots of practice and play a fun simile game on Tuesday and Wednesday. The students will then take their quiz on Thursday.  As a reminder, the writing time and project time are somewhat combined as the students work on their research papers.

As you know we are a TRIBES school, and I make daily efforts to include fun activities that build a sense of classroom community with inclusion activities and energizers. We also have a Mindfulness activity twice a week. We all enjoy this time to relax, practice deep and calm breathing and refocus on the tasks at hand. Ask your child about the “beach/ocean” video!

Thank you for sharing your child with me, they make my job fun! Cheers to another great week!

Mrs. Farley