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Week 5 in 2nd Grade

September 30, 2018 by Anne Bloomfield

October 1, 2018

Dear Second Grade Families,

The weather is getting cooler, soccer, football, and other fall activities are in full swing. Miss Garcia and I are loving that our second graders are in their school routine.

Last week in math our focus was to continue renaming 2-digit numbers. This week we will continue renaming numbers, but this time students will be renaming 3-digit numbers. This is a challenging concept. The 2nd students have been very successful with renaming 2-digit numbers, so Miss Garcia and myself are certain that with some work with manipulatives and working with partners; students will find success with the next step of renaming!! Here is an example of a few of the combinations students could come up with when renaming a 3-digit number.

Hundreds Tens Ones
3 7 5
3 6 15
2 17 5
2 16 15

Along with renaming we continued to work with writing numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded form and comparing 3-digit numbers using , and =.

We finished our Tree Maps to help us see the different ways to make singular nouns (names one person, place, or thing) into plural nouns (names more than one person, place, or thing). As we make nouns plural, students are learning about the irregular forms of plural nouns, which include changing the “y” to an “i” and add “es” (cherry = cherries), adding “es” (lunch = lunches), and changing the “f” to a “ves” (scarf = scarves). This week we will work with irregular nouns such as child-children, tooth-teeth, goose-geese etc. We will assess on singular and plural nouns on Wednesday.

Students are working on their final copies of their Riddles about themselves. Last week students drew a self-portrait to go with this writing piece. Miss Garcia and myself are sure learning a lot about our second graders.

We are finishing up our Civics Project on Monday. Students have been working on posters to represent the 4 main Tribes Agreements (Attentive Listening, No Put Downs, Appreciations, and Mutual Respect). These posters will be displayed throughout the school for the year as reminders to everybody to follow the Tribes Agreements.
Our next Project will be in the area of Science. Students will be learning about matter and it’s properties.

Loving Learning,
Mrs. Bloomfield and Miss Garcia

Here is some reading information from Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Rowlett
Happy Monday 2nd Grade Families,

In 2nd grade Language Arts we are in full swing. Reading groups are set up, so your child should be brining home a book to read each night. Some of the assigned reading will not take the full 20 Minutes. Please have your child choose other books from home to read. You should also be signing your child’s nightly reading/math log. If this isn’t signed your child will have to come to study hall during their afternoon recess time.

Your 2nd grader may also be bringing home sightwords. Please practice these as part of the 20 minutes of reading. Not all students will have these in their binders.

Rowlett —
If you would like to order from the Scholastic book order you may send in money with their order or you can order on line. The website is our class code is HLFMD. Please order by October 8th. However you can order anytime with the code above just send me an email so I know to close the order.

Have a great week!!!