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Week 5 – 9/16/19

September 16, 2019 by Jami Rowlett

Happy Monday First Grade Families,

We had another great week in first grade.  It was so much fun to see all the students dressed in their red, white and blue gear.  Thank you to all the families who donated.



  • Reading every night for 20 minutes
  • Math facts sheet each night
  • Please make sure homework does NOT take longer than 20 minutes for reading and 10 minutes for math.  If this occurs, please just send an email or note, letting me know.



  • Continued practicing short vowel sounds.
  • Counted syllables in words.
  • Tasted apples, recorded data on each apple. 1st graders chose their favorite apple and we graphed our preferences. 
  • Wrote about what we know about apples
  • Wrote our opinion of the best apple. 
  • Practiced using format matters when responding to a question. 


This week we will…

  • Edit our apple opinion papers and write final drafts.
  • Continue counting syllables in words. 
  • Identify r blends
  • Use Format Matters and Habits of Discussion when responding in class
  • Finish establishing Daily 5 choices by adding listen to reading and read to a partner. 
  • Design an apple bobbing device with a group




September 19: Carnival at Oasis Academy — for all Oasis families. 

September 26:  PJ day – Bring a donation to support the Northern Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation


Math News from Miss Garcia


We’ve made it to week 5!   The class has worked on creating number bonds within 10 as well as making up number stories to go with our number bonds. This week the first graders will take their 2nd assessment 

This week we will tell and write number stories.  This helps students understand the meaning of addition.  You can practice number stories in the car, at home or even shopping!  Here are a few examples:

Sam had 3 pieces of gum.  He bought 6 more pieces of gum from the store.  Now Sam has 9 pieces of gum altogether/in all. 

There are 4 kids on the playhouse and 3 kids running by the slide.  There are 7 kids playing on the playground. 

Have a great week!!

Mrs. Rowlett & Miss Garcia