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Week 5!

September 16, 2019 by Shannon Garcia

 September 16, 2019                                                                                  

Dear Second Grade Families,

The weather is getting cooler, soccer, football, and other fall activities are in full swing.  Miss Garcia, Mrs. Wiessmer, and I are loving that our second graders are in their school routine.


This week in math, 2nd graders spent time comparing and ordering numbers within 1,000.  They explored this concept using place value discs and base ten blocks. Students are focusing on using place value to explain whether a number is greater than, less than, or equal to another number.

Another concept that students worked on was counting on and counting back by ones, tens, and hundreds.  As students are counting on or counting back, they are looking for the patterns they see in the hundreds, tens, and ones.

Here’s an example

Counting on by tens– 265, 275, 285, 295, 305

The ones place stays the same. The tens place increases by a group of ten everytime.  The hundreds place increases after there are 9 tens.



We completed our work with combining, expanding, and rearranging sentences.  Students were assessed on this skill, but we will continue to review this concept through our Daily Language.  Our next focus in language will be on plural and singular nouns. We will be building on what students learned last year in 1st grade.


Students are working on their final copies of their Riddles about themselves.  Last week students drew a self-portrait to go with this writing piece. This 1st writing piece will be up in the hallway for everyone to enjoy soon.  Miss Garcia, Mrs. Wiessmer, and myself are sure learning a lot about our second graders.  


Our work in projects has included writing business letters to local businesses describing the Tribes Agreements (Attentive Listening, No Put Downs, Appreciations, and Mutual Respect) and their importance.  We are extending an invitation to 20 local businesses to have a 2nd grade made Tribes Poster for their business. Letters will go out in the mail today, we will be working on creating the Tribes Poster over the next couple of weeks.  We are hoping that a representative from each business will be able to attend a ceremony on September 30th to recieve their poster. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

Upcoming Events

September 19th  Oasis Carnival 6-9 pm

September 24th  Picture Day

September 26th  Pajama Day

Wishing everyone a great week!!


Mrs. Bloomfield, Miss Garcia, and Mrs. Wiessmer