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Week 5

October 1, 2018 by Jackie Bogdanowicz

Biology spent last week reviewing atoms and some basic chemistry.  With that refresher course we are starting Macromolicules.  We have 2 labs we will be doing this week to help them understand both what they are and how they are put together.  Macromolicules are the foundation for everything we will learn for the rest of the year.   This is the final concept for this unit, we will have our test on our first unit test next week.  Students should be studying at home and working on their study guide.

Physics has started studying motion.  We are looking at acceleration and how it is calculated this week.  We will complete a lab based on how a runner accelerates this week and will have a quiz on calculating acceleration, speed, velocity, distance and displacement. We will start into Newtons Laws of motion at the end of the week.