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Week 4: Theme-Colors/Bears

September 9, 2019 by Lauren Kelly

Hi parents/guardians-

    Welcome to the 4th week of kindergarten in Ms. Kelly’s class! Last week flew by…… before we knew it was Thursday. But only having 3 days does help! Lol  I remind the students daily I only have 155 days with them, so we need to make sure everyday is spent learning, laughing, and getting prepared for 1st grade.

 This past week we introduced the letters /Nn/ and /Qq/….learning their sounds, name, and words that begin with each letter. Additionally, we learned and used the sight words: like & to. Please make sure to practice these words with your students throughout the school weeks. Index flashcards are quick and easy to make. Have your student say each word and then use it in a sentence to demonstrate they understand the meaning of the words. With sight words, we want the student to be able to identify and say it out loud within 3 seconds. This demonstrates what we teachers call automaticity. Meaning students know the word instantly and can process it from their brain to their mouth with ease. If they can do this then the words have become part of their schema. 🙂 Which is my end goal always!  I want to create a well-rounded schema of reading, writing, and math that will be an amazing springboard for your child’s education future. Week 6 we will start sending home sight word lists that have 10 words that students need to study all week and then they will be quizzed on them on Thursdays. Students can only miss 1 word to be able to move onto the next list.   

    This week we will focus on the letters: /Gg/ and /Mm/. We’ll learn the sounds, name, and words that start with each letter. Additionally, we will read a book that corresponds with the letter. This week we will introduce a sight word book as well about colors we learned last week. As paper books come home, please pull them out and make an ‘at-home’ library collection for your child. These books can be read nightly to boost your child’s reading fluency and confidence. The poems that are in the page protectors should stay in their binders please! The sight words for this week will be: is, & the.  We will learn the bodily-kinesthetic movement for each word, sentence usage, and how to spell them. 

     For math the next 2 weeks, we will be exploring the numbers 0-5. We will work on the number sense of numbers 0-5, as well as knowing how to write them correctly. Students will need to be able to 1-to-1 count values up to 5 independently, as well as know them in word form, if possible. 

For writing this week, students will be writing about their favorite color and things that are that color. The important thing for your new writers is they must start letters at the ‘sky’/top of the line and pull down to the ‘ground’/bottom of the line. So many students want to start at the bottom and go up! This makes it hard for students to have good penmanship. For writing, we talk about letters being giraffes (tall letters like: any capitals, h, k, l, t), chickens (short letters that start at the medial dotted line, like: a, e, i, s, n), and monkeys (letters that start at the medial line, but then dip below the bottom line, like: g, j, p, q, y.)


HOMEWORK for the week: 20 minutes nightly. 

-10 minutes of reading (this can be doing Zoo phonics, reading poems from their binders, reading their paper books, or any books of your child’s choice. 

– 10 minutes of math. This is on IXL math website for this week. Students can work on any modules under the kindergarten tab from A.1 to B.10

   **So far, our class has answered collectively 5,000 questions this past week. Thank you so much parents for being part of your child’s education!!! 

       A few things to remind parents

*Please make sure you are signed up for my blog that you can find on the Oasis Academy website under the teacher blogs area. This week will be the last blog I will send out through Infinite Campus. From now on I will just post information for the entire class out through my blog on WordPress.

**We will start ‘listening to reading’ as part of our literacy block during Daily 5 next week. So all students need to have headphones sent in with them.  We will write their names on them and they will be used all school year long. Please DO NOT send your child with earbuds…..for some reason little ears just don’t like to keep earbuds in.  Please purchase your child over the head headphones. They do not have to be anything fancy! But every child needs their own pair as it helps with cleanliness and overall health safety.

***On Pizza Thursdays, please send your child we a side of your choice and a drink. Students are only given pizza and nothing else. 

****Last thing, if your child has had a rough night, morning, or whatever it may be that has them feeling not like themselves, please don’t hesitate to email me. This extra information will allow myself and my instructional aide, Katie to be aware that your child may need some extra grace, love, or space.


Enjoy the crisp cooler weather!

Ms. Kelly