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Week 4—9/9/19

September 8, 2019 by Sara Peixoto

Week 4

Hello!  We are really starting to get into the routine of things here in first grade.  We wrapped up our big project of learning about each of our classmates this past week!  The kids did a great job with these!  This week we’ll start learning all about apples!    

Please watch for sight words lists that will start coming home with your child. (They will be in a plastic sleeve in their binder.)  Please help your child practice these words each night as part of their 20 minute reading homework.  Students will be assessed every Tuesday on their current sight word list.

A book order flyer will also be coming home Monday with your child.  If you would like to order, please follow the instructions on the paper attached to the book flyer.  Book orders are due September, 26th.  

Wednesday, September 11th is dress up in “Red, White, and Blue” day.  If your child would like to wear red, white, and blue clothing, they will need to bring a $1 to donate.



  • Reading every night for 20 minutes (this now includes sight word practice as well)
  • Math facts sheet each night
  • Please make sure homework does NOT take longer than 20 minutes for reading and 10 minutes for math.  If this occurs, please just send an email or note, letting me know.



  • Worked on the TRIBES agreement of Appreciations and No Put Downs
  • Learned that every syllable has to have a vowel sound
  • Finished writing about our TRIBE members
  • Introduced Work on Writing
  • Continued to build reading stamina
  • Created number stories and introduced number bonds



  • Continue to learn about closed syllables
  • Continue to review short vowel sounds
  • Tasting apples and writing an opinion piece about apples
  • Graphing our favorite apples
  • Learn how to use Format Matters when speaking 
  • Continue learning about number bonds for 7, 8, 9, and 10
  • Introduce finding a missing part in a given number bond
  • Linked below is an online review activity for 10 frames.  Students are familiar with 10 frames from learning them in Kindergarten.



  • Paper Chain Challenge (Each TRIBE group was given one piece of construction paper, one long piece of tape, and one pair of scissors.  Their challenge was to build the longest paper chain they could.)
  • Domino Number Bonds
  • Short Vowel Sort
  • Number Bond stories