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Week 4 — 9/9/19

September 9, 2019 by Jami Rowlett

Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The first graders are doing such a great job getting into our routines.  They are working hard and trying their very best.  


Please remember that Wednesday, September 11th is dress up in “Red, White, and Blue” day.  If your child would like to wear red, white, and blue clothing, they will need to bring a $1 to donate.

The weather is getting cooler in the mornings.  Please make sure to label all jackets and sweaters, so if they are misplaced we can located them easily. 


  • Reading every night for 20 minutes
  • Math facts sheet each night
  • Please make sure homework does NOT take longer than 20 minutes for reading and 10 minutes for math.  If this occurs, please just send an email or note, letting me know.


  • Worked on the TRIBES agreement of Appreciations and No Put Downs
  • Learned that every syllable has to have a vowel sound
  • Finished writing about our TRIBE members
  • Introduced Work on Writing
  • Continued to build reading stamina


  • Continue to learn about closed syllables
  • Continue to review short vowel sounds
  • Tasting apples and writing an opinion piece about apples
  • Graphing our favorite apples
  • Learn how to use Format Matters when speaking 

Math News from Miss Garcia, 

It’s week 4 in first grade!  We worked hard learning about number bonds last week.  This week, the 1st grade students will continue to study number bonds up to the number 10 as well as introduce the missing “part” of a number bond.  


Linked below is an online activity for 10 frames.  Students are familiar with 10 frames from learning them in Kindergarten

Have a great week!!!

Mrs. Rowlett & Miss Garcia