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Week 4

September 8, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

This past week in math was spent rounding.  I was impressed with how well everyone remembered the strategy we use to round from last year.  We rounded up to the millions.  Even though we will test on this standard this week, we will continue to round all year long.  This week we will review place value, comparing numbers, number patterns and rounding.  One of the biggest struggles that comes with this unit is understanding questions with place value.  They need to understand that when asking for a digits place, it needs to be in word form.  When asking for a digit, its just a number.  When asking for a value, they write the value they would when writing the number in expanded form.  We will test on Tuesday.  On Wednesday and Thursday we will work with multiples and factors.  This is the week we learn about divisibility rules.  Please randomly ask your child if a number is a multiple of 2, 3, 5, 9 or 10.  This is easily figured out if you know the rules and the more practice they have with the rules the better!

  • 2 – if a number is even
  • 3 – if you add up all digits in the number and it is a multiple of 3 it works.  (21: 2 + 1 = 3, 3 is a multiple of 3 so 21 is also a multiple of 3)
  • 5 – if the number ends in 0 or 5
  • 9 – if you add up all digits in the number and it is a multiple of  it works.  (27: 2 + 7 = 9, 9 is a multiple of 9 so 27 is also a multiple of 9)
  • 10 – if a number ends in 0

Homework this week is math facts except for Wednesday which will be a worksheet on multiples.

Writing– Students have done a great job narrowing down all of their topic ideas and picking one special memory to use as their masterpiece. We are still in the brainstorming process, and will be working this week to verbally rehearse our story, then write our initial rough draft. We also spend time in class responding to fun writing prompts (that changes daily) and sharing our exciting and diverse stories with the class. 

Projects– Last week we enjoyed a surprise visit from our first guest speaker, Mrs. Ann Bringhurst (Mrs. Sorensen), an early Nevada Mormon settler. This week students will enjoy two more guest speakers. Your child will be placed into new project groups and begin researching their early Nevada settler group. Over the next several weeks, students will research and collect details on their settler group to make an oral presentation and create a unique diorama showcasing their newfound knowledge. Stay turned for dates and times to come and check out your child’s hard work!
Thank you for sharing your child with me. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please email me at
  • Please remember if your child wants to wear “Crazy socks/leggings” to school, the fee $1 per quarter. Any color socks or leggings other than white, black, and navy are considered “crazy/silly” ? They can bring the money to the front office or our classroom.
  • 9/11- The Family Engagement Committee will be hosting a Patriotic Dress Up Day. Students can wear red, white, and blue for a $1 donation. Please make sure any attire worn this day covers as much as uniforms. We will collect money in the classroom first thing in the morning.
  • Sept. 26 P-Jammin for Cancer day. Students can wear pajamas to school if they make a donation to childhood cancer. All proceeds to a Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.