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Week 35 with Mrs. Farley

May 27, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

Dear Bighorns, 

The time of year has come where things are starting to all come to an end. This is the last week to complete all missing and makeup assignments. We have had a wonderful year, and I’m just not ready to let MY kiddos go just yet. So we will have some fun filled days these last two weeks of school!
Last week students completed and presented their Industry Slideshow that was created with students from Mrs. Feest’s class. Your child did an impressive job with the research on their assigned industry and creation of a unique and well organized slide show. I was so proud of how much each student’s oral presentation skills have increased over the year. 
All of the volcano informative writings have been turned in and graded. I still have a few students to conference with to go over their grades, but I was blown away with the quality of writing that your child produced. They really took to heart all of the lessons and suggestions to improve their writing. I will not revise and edit these last informative essays that the students are writing (on a topic of their choice). I want this to be an accurate assessment of what they have learned throughout this trimester, as well as being able to take feedback from their volcano conference and apply it to this new essay.  I have no doubt they will meet my high expectations!
We will also fill our last few days together by practicing our cursive handwriting skills, typing skills, mindfulness and TRIBES activities, as well as sending thank you notes to all the guest speakers that came to visit us the last few months. See pictures below from Eric Olsen and his daughter, Allysen who came with their dairy cow. They shared with the 4th graders how farming and the dairy industry has changed over time, how they apply technology in their milking operation, and plenty of fun facts about dairy cows. See pictures below…
As always, thank you for sharing your child with me. They brighten my day!
Mrs. Farley